Unfortunately, we can’t change the number of years of No Claim Discount that was disclosed to us when you got your quote.

You can either cancel your policy and take out a new one with the correct NCD disclosed, or keep your existing policy as it is, as long as you have not disclosed more years NCD than you have achieved.

With No Claim Discount (NCD), the maximum price discount that can be achieved is 9 years No Claims. Any NCD you build up after this time can be disclosed, but won't generate a price benefit or difference in your premium. If you have more than 9 years No Claims, as the price will remain the same for the number of years NCD you are disclosing, we can keep your existing policy in force with the details the same.

Cancelling and starting a new quote could result in an increase to your premium price (especially if your policy has already started or your original quote was a little while ago). Generally, the sooner a policy is needed, the more expensive it is.