Flow Car Insurance FAQs

What can I use my car for?

Here’s a rundown of the cover we offer and how they’re defined.


Social Domestic and Pleasure (SDP) - includes day-to-day driving, like driving to visit friends and family or going shopping. You’re also covered to use the car for voluntary work (as long as you’re named on the policy and don’t receive any income/payment for the work other than to cover reasonable expenses such as fuel).

Social, Domestic, Pleasure and Commuting (SDP+C) - as above, but also includes commuting to a single place of work (provided no business visits are made on the way).

Business Use non-commercial (class 1 Business Use) - as well as social, domestic and pleasure use, your car can be used to travel to more than one place of work and can be used in relation to your job (for example, driving to another location for work). This does not cover travelling sales people.

Not available:

Business Use commercial (class 3 Business Use) - as well covering everything described above, this cover would be required if the driver of the car is a travelling or commercial sales person (for example, someone cold-calling to solicit for business).



Here are some examples of what else you’re covered to use your car for under your Flow policy...