Flow Car Insurance FAQs

What should I do if my debit or credit card has been lost or stolen?

Sorry to hear your card's been lost or stolen, we know how that feels. The first thing to do is let your bank or building society know and order a replacement card. 

Once you have your new card, you'll need to update your card details in your account before your next payment date to make sure your insurance isn't cancelled. To do this, log in to your account and follow these steps or head to our 'how to' video that'll show you step-by-step:                                                                                 

1) Click the 'payment' button on the account dashboard

2) On the payment details page, click ‘change card’

3) Agree/select the consent and click ‘change card'

4) On the change your payment card page, update your card details and click the 'confirm' button

5) Your new card details will be updated and shown on the payment details page