Flow Car Insurance FAQs

I received policy confirmation but a payment has left my account?

Sometimes a payment can be declined by your bank or payment provider but it can still appear as a pending transaction (known as a ring-fenced payment). It could be that your payment details don’t match or they failed to pass your bank’s validation checks. The most common reasons are:

  • The address the card’s registered to doesn’t match the address on the policy
  • The wrong type of card was used – e.g. a credit card (for monthly payments) or a prepaid card

The payment will most likely remain as pending if you haven’t received either:

  • A welcome email confirming your policy, or
  • A notification that the purchase was successful

Payments that remain as pending are usually returned to you by your bank automatically in a few days. You won’t need to do anything but it’s important you don’t try to make payment again using the same card/payment method.

If this happens to you, it means your payment has not been successful and you’ll need to make sure you purchase insurance before your current policy expires.