Car picnic essentials for the ultimate date

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Imagine the sun is shining, leaves are around you, the days are now shorter waiting for you to make the most of them.

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or young love’s sparks are flying. Spring, summer, autumn or winter, it's always the best season to woo that special someone in your life. Make the most of the orange and yellow leaves around you with a romantic picnic in an idyllic setting – whether on the beach, in the park or a hidden meadow – for a date to remember. 

Rev up your engine, warm up those tyres and get your car set for a lovely excursion. Here’s how you can create the ultimate picnic right from your car. 

Clear out the boot 

You’ll need to optimise all the space in your car for this romantic picnic so, first of all, you should focus on the boot. 

Car boots are made for a spare tyre, those all-important car tools and the weekly shopping. But for many of us, they soon become a bit of a dumping ground for all kinds of clutter. So clear everything out (keeping the essentials like the spare tyre, naturally) and give the boot a thorough clean. Then, grab some of your cosiest blankets and plushest cushions to turn the space into a comfy little nook – the comfier the better.

Prioritise tableware

Just because you’re having a picnic doesn’t mean you want things getting too messy. Don’t forget to pack some passable crockery and cutlery so you don’t end up eating with your hands like cavemen.

If you’re purchasing a picnic basket for the first time, then plates, cups, knives and forks might come with it anyway. These are perfect for all your nibbles and cold drinks. If your basket doesn’t include picnic tableware, then carefully pack your own decorative plates and glasses. Make sure you bring a flask too, in case you or your date need a caffeine boost.  

Make a playlist

There’s no better way to set the mood for your picnic date than with a perfectly tailored playlist. As the autumn sun beats down, it’s always best to go for soft chilled vibes. Look for those autumnal songs that work well as background music so you can keep the conversation flowing with ease. 

It certainly doesn’t hurt to pick out some of your date’s favourite songs to show you’ve created a bespoke, caring playlist. Small details like a love song from their favourite band is bound to make them feel special. 

Choose the right spot

Scenery is key for the perfect date. Spend some time before your picnic researching local areas where you can spend a beautiful afternoon (and check the weather too). 

Maybe you only live a short drive to the beach. Make the most of your coastal setting by parking your car to overlook the ocean (as long as it’s safe, obviously). You can both sit back in your now-cosy boot and listen to the lapping waves as you watch the sun go down.

If you or your date are nature lovers, then head into the forest, somewhere you can park up and picnic beneath a leafy canopy. Let the birds serenade you with their song, drink in the sweet scent of seasonal flowers and look out for local wildlife to experience a natural high and add some true escapism to the day. 

Pack snacks

The final and most vital ingredient when organising the ultimate picnic date… is the food. You want to make sure you fill the basket with plenty of your date’s (and your) favourite snacks and drinks – but keep it simple. If their favourite meal is a classic Sunday roast, you’re probably best taking them to a carvery on your next date.

Aim for easy finger-picking food that’s satisfying, with no need for a table. If you’re unsure of their tastes, bring a variety of options from tried-and- tested classics to some more adventurous choices.

Fruit like grapes and strawberries are easy to nibble on while cosying up in the boot of your car. Stir them into some flavoured yogurt for a creamy delight or mix them into a fresh fruit salad.

While it might not be the place for sticky toffee pudding and a side of ice cream (unless you happen to have a portable microwave and freezer box with you), dessert should definitely be on the menu. Pick up some delicious cupcakes or pack a few slices of homemade carrot cake to keep your date sweet.

Whatever you end up doing, remember, the perfect picnic date from your car boot is really what you make of it. Trust your instincts, take our tips on board and you’re sure to wow that special someone. 

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