What are some of the UK's top driving frustrations?

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What drives you round the bend when you’re behind the wheel? What do other drivers do to get under your skin, rub you the wrong way, ruffle your feathers and rattle your cage?

We asked 1,000 drivers to tell us the things that really grind their gears when they’re on the road… and they didn’t hold back! But what are your driving pet peeves?

5. Driving too slowly

Now there’s nothing wrong with driving carefully, in fact we’re all for it, but did you know you can be charged by the police for driving too slowly in the UK? It’s under the code CD30 and carries three to nine penalty points – “driving without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other road users.” So, make sure you’re not the cause of road rage with the traffic behind you as 9% of drivers in our survey were most frustrated by this.


4. Hogging the middle lane on the motorway

Ah, those middle lane sitters we love to hate, even the 14% of drivers who voted for the pesky middle lane hoggers! If you know one of these people, perhaps you’d like to consider telling them to re-sit their driving test; and if you know anyone getting the L plates ready for the first time, we’ve got some useful information all about how much is costs to learn to drive.

We know the feeling when a queue starts to form in the outside lane all because someone seems incapable of pulling in when they’re done overtaking. But remember, no matter how frustrating it gets, it’s important to stay calm and not do anything rash. Don’t be tempted to zip past them in the slow lane either, undertaking is against the law and extremely dangerous. Besides, life’s too short.

3. Not using indicators

Once upon a time lived two selfish atoms who didn’t appreciate the importance of letting the other atoms know which way they were travelling. Whizzing around the endless maze of space, the atoms were having a great time… until one day, the two selfish atoms neglected to indicate and let each other know which direction they were going. They collided, creating a great big massive bang, and the space maze was never the same again.

The moral of this story is that there’s only one good thing about people who don’t use indicators… it indicates to the rest of us who the bad drivers are. I'm the sure 15% of drivers who voted for this will will also agree. And even worse those drivers who don't indicate and then cut you up, combining both votes for these frustrations that's a massive 28%.


2. Tailgating

Tail-gating, or tail-grating?

Nobody likes a space invader (unless we’re talking about those bargain pickled onion crisps). 23% of drivers in our survey voted for this one, which really means its up there with the most frustrating habits on the road! For anyone thinking it’ll make the person in front go faster, we find it actually has the opposite effect and instead, people like to drive slower when there’s a tailgater behind them. Back off, enjoy the journey. Afterall, you’ll probably find it ends up saving you money in the long run.

1. Using a mobile phone while driving

A rise of smartphones has also seemingly seen a rise of not-so-smart people, voted by 24% of drivers in our survey as their pet-hate. After all the ads, guidelines and laws, some people still somehow don’t understand the danger of using their phone when driving. It’s well worth reminding anybody you know who does it that they will not be insured if they’re found to be using their phone while driving. If caught, it’ll also push up the price of their premium. That ‘one more’ text message can definitely wait.


So there we have it, here are the percentages of frustrations from our survey in August 2022 of 1000 drivers: 

Using their mobile phone whilst driving  24%
Tailgating  23%
Not indicating  15%
Hogging the middle lane on the motor way  14%
Cutting you up  13%
Driving too slowly  9%
Other  2%


However you respond to the things that get on your nerves, it’s good to know with Flow Annual car insurance, you’re in control 24/7. So, whether you’re ice cool in the driver’s seat or someone turns your mood frosty, let us know by tagging us @flowinsuranceuk on Facebook or Instagram and don’t forget the hashtag #GoWithTheFlow.