Flow voice application

Simple insurance meets smart speakers

Having everything at the touch of a button is so last year...

Now you can just say the word! In the same way you can ask Alexa to play a garden party playlist, or ask Google to set a timer for your jacket potato, now you can ask your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled device questions about your Flow car or Flow renters insurance. So, whether you need to find out how to make a claim, or you want to check if you can drive abroad, just ask!

What questions can I ask ?

Start by saying "Open Flow" or "Ask Flow"

Here's what you can ask...

  • Am I covered if I put in the wrong fuel?
  • Am I covered to drive in Spain?
  • Do I get a refund if I cancel halfway through the month?
  • Am I covered for a water leak?
  • How do I increase my contents cover? 

Here's what you can't do (yet!)...

  • Get a new quote
  • Change your subscription
  • Make a payment
  • Cancel your subscription
  • Access subscription details (like your excess amount)

Enough small talk, let's get started...

Amazon Alexa

1) Visit the Amazon Skills Store and log into your account

2) Download the Flow voice app 

3) Say "Alexa, open Flow  or "Alexa, ask Flow"

4) When asked, tell Alexa which product you'd like to chat about

Google Assistant

1) Visit the Google Assistant Library and log into your account

2) Download the Flow voice app 

3) Say "Hey Google, open Flow insurance" or "OK Google, ask Flow insurance".

4) When asked, tell Google which product you'd like to chat about


What can it do?

You can ask the Alexa Skill and Google Action any question about your Flow car or renters insurance policy. 

What can't it do (at the moment)?

For now, you can't get a quote, change or cancel your subscription, make payments or get info on your subscription dates… we’re working on it though!

Can I ask questions about all my Flow products?

Yes! You can ask about your Flow car or Flow renters policies

Rate and review our voice app...

We’d really appreciate it if you could provide us with a bit of feedback to help us improve the experience, and to let us know of any features you’d like to see in the future. You can do this by leaving a rating or review on the Amazon or Google platforms:

On your mobile device for Amazon:

  1. Open the Alexa App and tap "Skills & Games"
  2. Go to "Your Skills
  3. Select "Flow" and scroll down to "Write a review"

Or, on your computer, follow this link to the Amazon Skill directory

On your mobile device for Google:

  1. Open the Google Assistant app and tap “Your Actions”
  2. Select “Flow” and use the action
  3. At the end of your session, select your rating 

Or, on your computer, follow this link to the Google action directory