Flow Annual car insurance 'how to' videos

Need a little help with making changes to your policy? Our handy videos will show you the way.

How are you supposed to make changes to your Flow Annual car insurance online?

Finding your way around your account isn’t nearly as painful as it sounds. Our handy videos will show you the way. Trust Flow Annual to keep your online car insurance simple…

If you can't find what you're looking for here, check out our FAQ hub. We've answered all of your questions there...

Need to cancel your policy? No problem. Our video makes it as easy as 1, 2, 3… er, 4! And, of course, you’re welcome back anytime.

Trying to update your named driver details? Watch our simple step by step guide to find out how.

Want to change the car on your cover and get a new price before confirming? OK. Being flexible is kind of our thing.

Need to make edits to your car details? Our step by step video guide will help you put it right in no time.

Time to change your payment details? Here’s a simple video we put together that explains how to do it.

Want to change the day of the month we take your payment? This video’s for you. We’ll show you how in three simple steps.

Like to know how to renew your policy automatically? Let’s make it easy. Our video will help keep your renewal simple.