No NCD? What does it mean for your car insurance?

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I haven’t had the chance to build up my no claim discount; will that affect the cost of my car insurance?

  • Flow Monthly Car insurance does not take your NCD (or lack of) into account 
  • Your premium will be based on you, not NCD
  • It’s simple, flexible insurance for when you need it

First things first, what is NCD?

NCD stands for no claim discount and is pretty much what is says on the tin. Insurers will look at how many years you’ve been claim free. For example, you’ll earn one year no claim discount for every claim-free year of motoring you’ve had. So, if you don't make a claim for five years, you'll have five years no claim discount applied to the basic cost of your car insurance. Plus, most UK motor insurers will accept a NCD for up to 2 years from the date it was last used on a motor insurance policy. 

Do you have NCD?

Not all of us do. Even if you’re the safest driver, a precise parallel parker or a stickler for speed limits, you may not have had the chance to build up your NCD. 

On someone else’s policy as a named driver?

Whether it’s the daily “I NEED THE CAR TODAY” battle, arguments over whose turn it is to put petrol in, or even who’s responsible for the empty coffee cups on the back seat, loads of us have shared a car with a family member. This may mean that you’re a named driver on someone else’s policy and therefore haven’t been able to build up your own NCD. We understand that’s life and we won’t penalise you for it.

Been living away at University and didn’t have the chance to earn NCD? 

There’s always that one person at Uni who brings their car and instantly regrets it when they start being pestered for lifts by their housemates. If you left yours at home and let driving take a backseat while you were away (excuse the pun), or you haven’t had a car before, that’s where we come in. We’ll give you a quick quote for a flexible policy to suit you, even if you’ve not driven for a while or never insured your own car before.

Didn’t think about it when you were younger?

Let’s be honest, when you pass your test, you’re thinking about which car freshener to get, where the nearest drive-thru is, or where to go on your first road trip to the coast, so you may not have taken much notice of NCD. That’s ok though, we know that not everybody has had a chance to earn it but we’ll still give you our best price possible based on your details. 

Do any of these situations sound familiar? Flow Monthly Car insurance doesn’t take NCD into account, so you’ll still get our best price and cover, regardless of whether you have NCD or not.

In today's world, we know that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to car insurance just doesn’t work, so we’ll base your quote entirely on you

Do you have to have NCD to get insured?

Not with Flow Monthly Car insurance. The number years of NCD a person has indicates their claims history but for some it may not tell the complete story. A lot of us are safe drivers but simply haven’t been able to build up our NCD, so we don’t take NCD (or lack of) into account. We’ll just ask you to upload a photo of your licence and answer a few simple questions, such as how many years you’ve been driving and what car you drive. We’re not here to overcomplicate things; we’re here to give you simple, personalised monthly subscription cover that meets your needs. No NCD? No problem.

Why doesn’t Flow Monthly Car insurance take NCD into account?

Flow Monthly Car insurance is simplifying insurance, instead of using NCD, we price your policy based on your driving history and your individual circumstances, which allows us to offer you our best possible price. 

Can I build up NCD with Flow Monthly Car insurance? 

Flow Monthly Car insurance doesn't take into account your no claim discount, however if you cancel your subscription we can give you written confirmation of any claim free years you’ve had with Flow Monthly if you need it, although we can’t guarantee that another insurer will accept this as proof of NCD.

Ready to get a Flow Monthly Car insurance quote? 

Flow Monthly Car insurance provides you with flexible, pay monthly with no admin or cancellation fees and no interest charges, plus you can access and manage your account 24/7. When you get a quote, you’ll need an image of your driving licence and the driving licence details of any drivers you want to add to your cover, plus the registration number of the car(s) you’d like covered. Other than that, we’ll just need a few personal details and you’ll be ready to go. 

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