Contents insurance explained

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Whether you own your home or are living in a rented property, it’s important to protect your valuable belongings with the right level of contents insurance. 

Even if you have things in place to protect your home against adverse weather or someone breaking in, you should still make sure you’re covered if the worst happens.

Chances are the contents of your house or flat is worth more than you think – so it’s worth having peace of mind knowing you’d be able to replace it in the event of damage or loss. Find out more about monthly contents insurance. 

What is contents insurance? 

Contents insurance covers the cost of your belongings in your home should you be the victim of burglary or unavoidable damage. Most home contents insurance can be tailored but will generally cover a range of personal items.

These can include electrical equipment such as your TV, computer, and appliances as well as smaller precious items like jewellery, clothes and expensive sports equipment like golf clubs. 

Do I need contents insurance?

Whether we like it or not, some things are out of our control. Contents insurance covers you for the unexpected. For instance, if there’s a fire or a flood at the property that damages your belongings or those of other family members who live there, monthly contents insurance will save you from paying out of your own pocket to replace them. This is also the case in the event of theft, so long as you have evidence that you’ve adequately protected your property by locking all doors and windows. 


Do I need contents insurance as a tenant?

Even if you rent your home through a private landlord, you still need to take out contents insurance if you want to make sure your belongings are covered.

It’s likely that your landlord already has buildings insurance in place, but this only covers the physical structure of the building – not what’s inside it. Usually you’ll need to take out separate contents insurance to ensure you’ve got cover in place for your possessions. 

How does contents insurance work? 

Applying for home contents insurance with Flow is simple. Just enter your information on our straightforward application page to get a quote . 

You’ll need to provide your name, date of birth, contact details, home address and employment status. We’ll also ask if you would like to pay for annual or monthly contents insurance and how you would like us to contact you. 

You’ll also need to let us know if you or anyone living in the property with you has made any insurance claims within the last five years – as well as any non-motoring related convictions you may have had. 

You can choose if you would like our general home contents insurance or would prefer to tailor it to better suit your needs. This can include added extras like legal expenses cover to protect you in the event of legal action, or personal belongings cover for when you’re away from home. 

Once you’ve filled in the application, we’ll send you a quote on how much you can expect to pay each month or year for your chosen level of cover. You can then decide if this is right for you. If it is, we’ll process everything for you and request payment details when confirmed. 

What does contents insurance cover? 

Our standard home contents insurance offering covers all the essentials. This includes cover for accidental damage to electrical appliances like your TV and the theft of items from both inside the home and places like garages and sheds. Please note that our standard contents insurance doesn’t cover general wear and tear of belongings, computer viruses or breakdown of appliances. 

If you lose the keys to your home, we’ll quickly replace the locks so you can rest assured that the property is secure. What’s more, we offer all our contents insurance customers a 24-hour helpline in the event of domestic emergencies. 

You can choose to tailor your policy by adding additional extras you think would be beneficial. The most common optional extra is our extended accidental damage cover. This can cover things like DIY-related accidents such as accidentally hammering a nail into a pipe, or repairs on furniture that’s been damaged by pets, children or due to simple spillages. 

If you regularly travel around the UK and Europe, you may benefit from our personal belongings cover away from home coverage. This policy covers the costs of items such as jewellery, mobile phones, cameras and electronic tablets while you are travelling up to a cost of £2,000 for generic policies.

Monthly contents insurance

If you’re renting, you still need contents insurance. While your tenancy will likely cover damage to the property, it’s unlikely it will cover the costs for your own belongings. 

However, as a renter you probably don’t know how long you’ll stay in your current property. Thankfully our Flow monthly renter’s insurance is flexible, so you can cancel whenever you need to.

There are no admin or cancellation fees and no added monthly interest. You simply manage your online account to tell us what you need covered, and we’ll handle the rest. The application is quick and easy, without the need to get into every detail. We understand that you probably won’t know everything about the property you’re living in, so we won’t ask for finer details like what type of door lock you have. 

Flow monthly renter’s insurance covers you against the cost of damage caused by floods, leaks and fire, as well as covering your possessions against theft. It also covers accidental damage to things like the landlord’s fixtures and fittings, meaning you won’t need to pay out at the end of your tenancy.  

Finding the best home contents insurance 

When looking for the best contents insurance for you, you should first make sure it covers all your valuable items as well as any extras you need. 

At the very least, your home contents insurance should cover the cost for accidental damage to your electronic devices, loss of furniture due to damage or theft, and the theft of items such as jewellery, TVs and computers. 

With Flow, our monthly contents insurance covers you against all this and more with our broad policy and optional extras.