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From tea cups to tech and everything in between, Flow monthly contents insurance for renters has you covered...

  • What is subscription contents insurance?
  • Do you need contents insurance if you’re renting?
  • What does all the insurance jargon really mean?

Why do I need contents insurance? 

When it comes to monthly subscriptions, we know that contents insurance won’t be the most exciting outgoing on your bank statement. You’re probably used to paying monthly for your music or box set streaming services, right? Well, what if your housemate knocks their morning cuppa all over the very laptop you watch your favourite series on? Nightmare. No worries though, that’s where we come in.  Basically, contents insurance covers your stuff if it gets stolen, lost or damaged, so you can rest easy.

Do I need insurance if I’m renting? 

The plus side of renting is that you can call on your landlord for broken boilers or dodgy drains, but what about your stuff? Well, that’s all your responsibility. Anything you brought with you when you moved in is for you to look after. It’s not a legal requirement to have contents insurance, but if your stuff is damaged or stolen while you’re renting and you don’t have contents insurance, you’ll be in a pretty sticky situation.  So, if you want to make sure you can replace your tech, trainers and trinkets if the worst should happen, you’ll need to make sure you have contents insurance. 
We know that searching for insurance can be frustrating, long winded and complex, with many taking out cover that’s not right for them. So, we’ve simplified the process and created a product specifically designed for renters and their needs. No fees, no fuss, no strings.

What does Flow subscription contents insurance cover? 

Our monthly subscription contents insurance for renters, covers the belongings you have in your home if they’re stolen or are affected by fire, vandalism, floods, water leaks and more.  Cover is available from £5,000 up to £50,000 so you can choose the right amount of cover for you.  Single items in the home are covered up to £2,000 but you can let us know if you need more cover for something in particular. 

You can tailor your policy...

  • You can add accidental damage to your policy to cover your contents. From spillages on sofas to dropped laptops, it happens to the best of us. So, this cover gives you peace of mind that we’ll help you get things sorted if an accident occurs.  
  • Let us know about any specific items that you want to cover outside the home and any items worth over £2,000 that you want to cover inside the home.  Think about things like smartphones, laptops, TVs, artwork and jewellery.

What's not covered?

  • Gradual wear and tear, or damage that has occurred slowly over time
  • Computer viruses, so make sure you’ve got a good antivirus system
  • Breakdown of home appliances, such as TV's, microwaves and washing machines
  • Any contents owned by your landlord or housemates. We'll only cover what's yours

What’s different about Flow?

We understand that things change all the time, so we’ll give you simple, flexible cover, completely tailored to suit you and your current circumstances. You’ll have a monthly rolling subscription with no interest, no admin fees and the ability to cancel or amend your policy at any time, totally free of charge. We’ll even give you a guaranteed maximum price every month based on your current circumstances, so you’ll never pay more than you expect to. No nasty surprises here.

If you ever need to claim, you can log it online, and your personal claim handler will get in touch with you to help you every step of the way. In fact, you can do pretty much everything online in your Flow account, from adding or changing an item or address, to making a claim, it’s all accessible 24/7 at the touch of a button. Whether you’re a new or existing customer, you’ll always benefit from our best price… so, does all that sound good to you?

As a renter, I find contents insurance can be confusing. We don't all know what our roof is made of or what percentage of it is flat. You can rest assured with Flow, we'll never ask you a question you won't be able to answer.

How do I get a Flow contents quote?

It's pretty simple, we'll just need a few personal details, a bit about the property and then it's over to you to choose what level of cover you need to suit you and your stuff. You'll even be able to upload photos of any specified items on your policy. Contents insurance, renters insurance, tenants insurance... whatever you want to call it, we’ll cover your belongings from every day accidents, theft, fire, floods and more. You can even add personal possessions cover to protect your stuff when you’re out and about. So if flexible, subscription insurance sounds good to you, let’s get started! Get a flow quote and we’ll take it from there. 

Oh… and while we’re at it, we can cover your car too.

So, what does all the insurance jargon really mean?

Now you know the basics, let's get started...

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