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If the UK boasts anything over any other country, it has to be our rich history of music.

The culture of music seeps from every corner of our small island, covering everything from love to politics. From legends like The Beatles, to nostalgic 80s rock ballads and, more recently, the creation of grime, Brits have ruled the music world through our home-grown alligators. So, whether you’re riding shotgun or doing the driving yourself, we’ve got the soundtrack to your next road trip sorted.

We asked 1,000 drivers to tell us their favourite genre and used the results to create a playlist that'll help you get into the groove, wherever your journey takes you. In the following order, their favourites were…

"I said a hip-hop, the hippie, the hippie

To the hip, hip-hop and you don't stop the rockin'

To the bang-bang boogie, say up jump the boogie

To the rhythm of the boogie, the beat..."

Sugarhill Gang, 1979

 5. Hip hop

If only everything in life could flow as smoothly as that…OH WAIT, it can, when you’re insured with Flow. That's why 6% of drivers in our survey voted for hip hop, now lets get down to it...

For all you hip-hopotamuses and rhyme-noceroses out there, we’ve got you covered whatever the weather; be it a Lil Wayne-y or even Ice T, Flow car insurance has your back.

When it comes to safety we just need to put our 50 cent in, because although there’s always the temptation to tap your feet when listening to hip-hop, there’s a time for 'brake' dancing and it’s not when your feet are on the pedals!

Check out our hip-hop Spotify playlist.

4. Country

When we think of country music, we might imagine blue ridge mountains with wagon wheels being rocked by mamas. Maybe, as the title suggests, it’s music best played in a rural setting.

You can picture it now, the 7% of drivers who voted for Country – driving through the British countryside among rolling hills, with trees arching over the road, specks of golden sunlight breaking through the leaves, singing out to a bit of Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, letting the world know that: 'Islands in the stream, that is what they are...'

Check out our country Spotify playlist.

3. Classical

Ask your pet chicken (or the 8% of people who voted Classical in our survey) who their favourite artist is, and they’ll always say Bach.

With so many pieces instantly recognisable to all, classical music is suitable for any road trip, no matter the season – just ask Vivaldi. So, whether you’re feeling a little Strauss-ed out or you’re Haydn from that to-do-Liszt, you know you’ll always have classical music to help you Handel yourself under any circumstance.

Check out our classical Spotify playlist.

2. Rock

Rock is best for a road trip playlist because paper and scissors just remain stationary.

From Chuck Berry’s delicious licks to The Killer’s singalong anthems; whether you’re lonesome tonight or feeling 200° Fahrenheit, rock has some of the world’s most influential artists and songs. With a whole load of sub-genres from Rhythm & Blues (R&B) (which 3% of drivers in our survey voted for) and Rock ‘n’ Roll which had a massive 21% of drivers in our survey rockin' out, to Indie Rock and Folk Rock, there’s something for everyone who likes a bit of musical experimentation.

For your next road trip on the highway to hell, check out our rock Spotify playlist.


1. Pop

And by pop-ular choice, and by pop-ular we mean a massive 41% of drivers in our survey… we guess it is called ‘pop’ for good reason.

From Michael Jackson to One Direction, who doesn’t love to hate (but – knowing me, knowing you – secretly actually love) a catchy banger?! Road trips are all about picking up those good vibrations, whether you’re in a big yellow taxi or driving on a bridge over troubled water, every breath you take will be better with a bit of pop in the background.

Check out our pop Spotify playlist.


So, here concludes our list of the Top 5 music genres chosen by our road trippers...

Pop 41%
Rock 21%
Classical  8%
Country  7%
Hip-Hop  6%
Other  6%
Don't listen to music in the car  5%
Rhythm and Blues 3%
Metal 2%

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