I’m going parking mad! What are your tips?

3 Minutes

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You’re finally there – completed that long drive to reach your destination, but now, nothing… absolutely no spaces to park your car.

You’re taking 10 minutes to drive down side streets in the hope of finding a spot, only to happen upon an unnecessarily large 4x4 taking up two spaces!

We asked 1,000 drivers if they could share any handy tips when it comes to parking, and these are their Top 5 pieces of advice.

1. Get there early

Maybe a slightly annoying one to read when you’ve already reached your destination – kind of like an overzealous passenger delivering their most unhelpful words of wisdom: “Well don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

It’s probably the one that rings most true though, particularly in the run up to Christmas – maybe leave that extra ‘buffer time’ when you can. 28% of drivers in our survey chose to get there early to save some unneeded stress.


2. Don’t have a technique, wing it

One of the most common answers by far, 26% to be precise, which, ironically would probably lead to us to referring you back to our last tip… now you really can’t say you haven’t been warned!

3. Google Maps

Our nifty mobile travel assistant. The wonderful Google Maps has you covered in case you really can’t find anywhere, 19% of the road-trippers in our survey use this trusted app. You can look up places to park your car and then save the location. That way, you can easily find it later.

Just be sure if you’re using this method, you plan ahead and find your spot before you start driving. You’re not allowed on your phone under any circumstance when you’re in your car, unless it’s parked… and seeing as you’re struggling to do just that, this applies to you.

In case you haven’t heard, we recently wrote a piece about the new Acusensus mobile phone camera that’s new in the UK. If you get caught even just holding your phone when you’re in the driving seat, you’ll now be fined six points and pay a hefty, £200 fine.


4. Residential back streets

This is what we humans naturally, most commonly resort to when there are no spaces available; coasting aimlessly down the tighter back streets to find just one spot that’s opened up for you, well at least the 14% of drivers in our survey do anyway.

Beware, when completing this activity, don’t be fooled into a false sense of security. There’ll be times where you think you’ve found your spot in record time, only to be fooled by that ‘space’ actually being either someone’s driveway or the old enemy – yellow lines.

It might be worth reading our article on what’s allowed when parking on yellow lines. Parking on single yellows outside the time zone displayed could help you save money on parking. Just be sure you really understand what the lines and signs are saying before walking away!