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If you thought drilling holes was boring, how about joining the back of a big old queue on the motorway?

We’ve all been there, turning our heads to the other side of the dual carriageway where there are free-flowing open roads, seeing drivers of other cars whizzing by… and you feel the pain of your poor fortune, feeling their smugness as they drive on, knowing how long you’re going to be stuck for.

We asked 1,000 drivers how they relieve boredom when they’re stuck in the car on a long drive. There were a few that didn’t quite make the list, such as: playing, ‘in my bag, I packed’; listening to talk radio; people-watching; and “sitting there, fuming.” But, in descending order, these were the most common answers:

6. ‘Would you rather?’

… Be able to fly or read someone’s mind? Probably one of the most popular ones we’ve all been asked, well at least the 4% of people that voted for this game. With another 4% voting for the 'Alphabet game', but we can't say we've heard of this one at Flow. It’s amazing how in-depth people like to think about impossible, hypothetical situations that often lead to family arguments! In our experience, it almost always ends in someone having to remind the others that it really is just hypothetical and can’t actually happen.

A timeless classic that you can adjust the level of appropriateness depending on who you’re playing with – we’re guessing the questions you ask your family are different to the ones you ask your friends!

If you’re low on ‘would you rather?’ questions, here are a few of our favourites to help you out…

Would you rather:

  • Be able to talk to animals or speak 10 languages?
  • Speak every language fluently or be able to play every instrument to a pro standard?
  • Play your favourite sport for your country or be a rock star?
  • Lose five years of your life or a skill you value deeply?
  • Spend a week with no soap or no toothpaste?
  • Experience the beginning of planet Earth or the end?
  • Be a child your entire life or be born an adult?

5. Listening to an audiobook

Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter is likely to be the audiobook most of us have had the pleasure of listening to, or maybe the 7% of drivers who voted for an audiobook. You may well know of Audible and other paid audiobook providers, but did you know you may be needlessly spending your hard-earned money? If you’re a taxpayer, sign up to your local library where you can download audiobooks for free from the 'Libby' app eLibrary with your library card… you’re welcome.

4. Listening to a podcast

There’s been a huge surge in popularity of podcasts. The concept’s been around since 2000, with people becoming aware of them in about 2005 through iTunes. In the UK, 1 in 20 adults get their daily dose of news from podcasts, with a quarter of our population (just under 16 million people) listening on a regular basis, 11% of drivers in our survey even voted for the new podcast trend. From The Ricky Gervais Show back in the XFM days to the most popular podcast currently – The Rest Is Politics, there’s every kind of audio content you could want, be it murder cases, diaries of CEOs, parenting therapy or dream dinner menus.

3. Singing

What’s a road trip without a bit of carpool karaoke? Whether it’s Grace Kelly or Hotel California, the classic bangers are where it’s all at. 11% of drivers in our survey love to belt out anything from ‘Magnifico’ to crescendo-ing from a whisper, ‘Uyimbube’. Why not check out our very own Spotify playlists to have a sing-a-long to...

2. I Spy

The truly classic childhood game voted by 11% of drivers in our survey, it's a game for any situation where you find yourself bored out of your mind. The question that comes to everyone’s mind straight away is, “Is it inside or outside the car?”

Why not jazz it up a bit if you’re running out of objects to ‘see with [your] little eye’, and maybe make it an audio experience? Have someone on the AUX cable and do a ‘guess the intro’ quiz – half a point for the song name and another half-point for the artist.

1. Listen to music

Probably not surprising to see this as number one on the list with a massive 49% of drivers voting for this one. If you groove to hip-hop or classical, we all have a favourite genre to get us through at least part of the journey. Lucky for you, no matter what style of music you’re into, we’ve got you covered. We’ve made a road trip playlist for all your most-loved genres, so why not check this out now?

So there we have it, here are the percentages of ways to relieve your boredom from our survey in August 2022 of 1000 drivers: 

Would you rather 4%
Alphabet game 4%
Audiobook 7%
Podcast 11%
Singing 11%
I Spy 11%
Listen to music 49%

There’s our list for the top ways to relieve boredom on your next road trip. Have your say by sharing this article and tag us @flowinsuranceuk on Facebook or Instagram. Don’t forget the hashtag #GoWithTheFlow.

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