What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen while driving?

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What. Was. That?!

With so many of us choosing to drive instead of relying on public transport, we asked 1,000 drivers to describe the weirdest thing they’d seen while out on a drive. The results might just shock you…

So, next time you’re driving, keep your eyes peeled. There may just be more happening around you than you first thought! Why not share some of your own weird and wonderful memories with us? Tag us @flowinsuranceuk on Facebook or Instagram and don’t forget the hashtag #GoWithTheFlow.

5. Animals

An easy one to start with. Who hasn’t seen a cute little woofer while driving along that didn’t make them laugh? Well, some have seen dogs behind the wheel, others using Portaloos, and one witnessed a sheep dog being chased by sheep! Somebody even clocked a couple of dogs partaking in some ‘heavy petting’ but perhaps we should file that under the ‘Romantic’ section.

There are more animals than just dogs though… a personal favourite was, “a camel in a field. Not what you expect to see in the English countryside.” Other than the majority being cows, horses and deer blocking roads, we have three particularly weird ones…

We’ll keep it snappy, so up first, two people reported sightings of a shark on the roof of a house in Oxford. Second, a six-foot squirrel walking down the road. Nuts! And lastly, there were (no joke) five reports of dinosaurs spotted on the M5 in Somerset! Can this be real? You bet Jurassican.

4. Supernatural

“Woooooo, woooooooooooo” [to be read in a trembling tone; second one higher pitched than the first, obviously.]

Six reports of UFOs spotted when driving, but then again, they couldn’t be identified. Maybe call us sceptical...

3. Romantic

If nothing else, we’ve learnt an amazing number of euphemisms for the things that fall into the ‘romantic’ category! From flashing and smashing to honking your horn, one aspect of human behaviour clearly hasn’t evolved all that much since the first big bang.

Most of these incidents happened in/next to/on (yes, you heard us right – on) broken down cars, so if you’d rather not get caught with your trousers down, maybe it’s time you had a cold shower and read our car maintenance tips


2. Other driver behaviour

There are some drivers out there you look at and just think, surely you can see there’s something wrong with this situation?!

One man picking his nose with a stick behind the steering wheel, for example. I mean, we get you might have a stray bogey that you just reallyyy want out, but we have to turn our nose up at using a stick for this operation.

Other drivers have been caught with a blow-up friend strapped into the passenger seat, although this is becoming a less common occurrence because… well… they’re quite pricey and, you know, inflation!

1. Random

Finally, there are some things so strange that we couldn’t even categorise them. A man changing his tyres dressed as Batman caught our attention; and here we were thinking Batman never tires of fighting grime. Maybe he should have read our tips on how often you should service your car.

To be honest, the majority of these are men doing curious things… one was walking along a dual carriageway playing the bagpipes, another walking a duck on a lead, and then one man holding up an orange and a handmade sign saying the world is ending.

For some reason, a few people have also been spotted taking a camping holiday on the side of an A-road beside their cars… each to their own, but if you’d like to find some significantly better and quieter places you can camp, here’s our take on how to make the most of a camping trip.

So that sums up our list of the weird and wonderful things our survey panel have eye-witnessed. We’d love to hear more though – pop online and tag us @flowinsuranceuk on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #GoWithTheFlow.